Monday, February 28

Welcome to Treading Water 101

The Treading Water 101 Welcome Basket

Treading Water 101 (TW) chronicles the university life of The Student, a soon to be 23 year old somewhat not strapping young man from Melbourne. The student has been attending a university in Melbourne's northern suburbs since 2001. In and amongst years studying fulltime, part time, or not at all, there is a litany of failed subjects, a course change, and a long held disregard for people who 'love the uni lifestyle'.

Juggling another job writing words, The Student is looking to finish his business degree by the end of 2006. There is every likelihood that the quest for this goal will result in him going entirely nuts and quitting not only university, but everything and just pissing off to a beach on the coast of WA to read books and sit around in a constant state of 'meh'.

The Student has blogged in the past, and has spent the best part of the last two years lurking and commenting on other blogs. The aim of TW is to catalogue the random musings and observations from the lecture theatres, tutorial rooms and meeting places of The Student's university ... provided he shows up.


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