Tuesday, March 8

and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

It seems I have been up to my old tricks, and have not attended uni two days this week. What was I saying about giving up quickly in a previous post? It's not without reason, but none the less it means that a scathing breakdown of the activies in my tutes will have to wait until next week.

Meantime, I have a confession to make.

I have a crush on an older woman...


Those of you unfamiliar with Virginia Trioli should know that she is the extraordinarily talented presenter of ABC774's Drive program here in Melbourne. As someone who drives around, to and from uni, to and from two jobs, I manage to spend a fair bit of time listening to the radio, and therefore some time... special time if you will... listening to Virginia.

Yeah that's right, The Student has a penchant for older, highly talented, award winning, former business journalists who host AM talkback radio shows.

This makes it really hard to pick up a nightclubs...

Cuts to scene of a pisspoor suburban nightclub, The Student slyly ambles up to an attractive brunette waiting at the bar...

*music blaring with the latest Eric Prydz track*

The Student: "Geez this Eric Pride guy is talented, I reckon he is destined for a long career in mainstream music."

Brunette: "Huh?"

The Student: *shouting* "Nevermind! So..... HAVE YOU WON ANY WALKLEY AWARDS?"

Brunette: *shouting* "What? . . . UM, NO!" *turns around*

The Student: *shouting* "Oh.... well... have you ever writt....." *taps Brunette on the shoulder* "I said... HAVE YOU EVER WRITTEN AN OPINION PIECE FOR THE AGE?"

Brunette: *ignores The Student*

Harp music... Snaps back into reality.

This sort of thing has happened to me time and time again, it's just hard to meet the right woman in today's world - that's why I think what me and Virginia have is special.


I wonder if she got my roses?

(For the record: Yes, The Student is single, no, he isnt the sort of guy who taps girls on the shoulder at nightclubs; and, no, he and Virginia Trioli are not in a relationship... not a relationship she knows about anyway.)


Anonymous Lily said...

Virginia is great on ABC's 'Insiders'. I think if i saw her in a club, i'd be tapping her on the shoulder too! :-)

10:52 PM  

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