Wednesday, April 6

The Comedy Festival

A few years ago, myself, Cavalier and The Rep, of Fit of Rage semi-fame, went to the Comedy Festival.

Arriving late for a short show by apparently up and coming comedic performer Terri Psiakis, we had the unenviable task of sitting front row, centre.

In the middle of her routine, Tsiakis rolled into a joke along the lines of ‘…Deakin University students are all bogans.’

Noticing The Rep digging his elbow into the ribs of Cavalier, a Deakin student at the time, Tsiakis asked Cavalier if he went to Deakin.

After he nodded and meekly said yes, she piped up:

“Well that’s nice. And wearing jeans. Dressing formal tonite.”


Anonymous liam hogan said...

We have that joke in Sydney too.
[Bogan uni, campus best left unnamed] student in jeans and a clean Adidas bomber jacket?
The groom.

12:08 PM  
Blogger MrLefty said...

I remember Psiakis - didn't she win a Triple J competition or something to find young comedians? She was kind of hot, if I remember.

2:11 PM  
Blogger The Student said...

You're right, lefty, she has a cute face, I kinda dig her. The thing I maybe left out was that also been right at the front meant you get a good look at her impressive child baring hips.

And I probably left that out, because, it's in poor taste.

1:45 AM  

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