Wednesday, March 30


Easter, apparently, is a time of renewal.

This year, and unlike any Easter I can remember since I was 15, I didn't work at all. Normally I'm throwing my weight around in the weeks preceding Easter in an effort to secure the prime shifts, the greasy shifts, the juicy shifts, dripping with double-time goodness. However this year has heralded a 'policy shift' of sorts, towards more time spent doing diddly, and less time working.

Over the past few years, as my fiscal focus has shifted gear from "Piss it against a wall" to "Save it" - I have spent more time working than is ordinarily healthy, this has included at times working three casual jobs. Initially I did this to make ends meet, but eventually the ends were met, and then things became about sustaining an ongoing grind towards saving for a house, or travel, or whatever.

Naturally, this meant that something had to give, and that something was always uni. There's good reason for this, I've never been paid to attend tutes, sit in lectures, or drive an hour each way to uni. Uni has always lost out, and I've always reconciled this by telling myself it was okay because I'm working. By now I'm well aware that that was an excuse made of 100% pure bullshit.

For an avid scholastic slow starter like myself, this week off following Easter will/should/has never in the past allow/allowed me to concentrate on knocking off some reading and.... ahem... an assignment that needs doing.

For the Easter long weekend at least, study and catching up lost out to camping and drinking with friends.

Moonrise at French's Narrows, east of Marlo


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