Wednesday, January 18

Special Summer Exam Edition

I had a supplementary exam this morning, an exam sat well outside the semester and in this case, some 7 months after the completion of the course it corresponds to.

They are extraordinarily hard to motivate yourself to study for, and in the end become a mercy mission of sorts - where you prepare and complete the task in a blur of notes and reading, before returning to the summer holiday world the moment the exam finishes as if nothing happened.

I found myself sitting outside the exam gee-ing myself up, 'get in, get out, just get it done.'


'break the wrist, walk away'


Blogger Enny said...

I got a PX for a course the first time round, meaning I got to come back and do a 'sup exam.

On the way to the 'sup my car broke down.

I had the exam the next January. And failed.

It jus defies logic, dunnit?!

6:19 PM  
Blogger lastplanet said...

love the picture. <3
hope the exam went okay.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Chikabub said...

In the words of that Rex dude, "forget about it!"

5:45 PM  
Anonymous TJ said...

You mean you DON'T want to be married to a 'woman' like Starla one day?

What's wrong with you, man?

2:31 PM  

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