Sunday, June 25


Studying is made infiniately easier when you are attempting to learn about subject matter which you enjoy or are familiar with. How obvious is that, I'm sure the 3 of you who read this are rocking back in your desk chairs saying:

"You are a genius."

Meantime, the last week spent studying ethics in international relations was so dry you could hear the rasping noise of my eyes scrolling across each page of readings. It needs to be said that I actually enjoy ethics, I find it interesting, however it can be impossibly hard to read when you're dealing with source texts written by a guy who was born in 354 CE (wtf is CE?!!!).

Reading up on Australian political culture on the other hand is a snap, and I breeze through the reading taking notes and stopping to connect the theories together in my head.

(I can't find a decent picture of Dougie Houser to accompany this last line, but rest assured it'd probably be nudged out by a picture of Angela Lansbury typing away in the opening credits of Murder She Wrote.)

Of course, my brimming confidence displayed in the post could be linked back to when I find out that I have failed the subject in about a months time. I never know how I have gone in an exam, it's too hard to really be sure if you're given the marker what they want to read, particularly if the question you're answering is framed that broadly that it doesnt include the sort of clues you're looking for.

While we're at it, can I give a big shout out to the World Cup? You're really helped me study during this exam period, possibly the longest exam period ever in the history of history, prick. You have also single handedly ruined my long term first semester exam period affair with Big Brother UpLate's Mike Goldman. I miss you Mike, call me?

It's Sunday, and I have two exams to go before this is finished. Then normal life will resume.

(By the way, while not wanting to cut in on Ruth's schtick, anyone who doesn't recognise the title of this post should find a song by Gotye by the same name, good track)


Blogger Enny said...

Wikistudy tells me CE = AD.

I wonder if there is a pattern in exam results dipping in Sem1 every four years?

2:43 PM  
Blogger The Student said...

Off the top of my head, does it stand for Christ Eternal?

10:55 PM  
Anonymous TJ said...

CE = Christian Era.

It's the modern term for AD (Anno Domini - In The Year Of Our Lord)

Want to know the tragic part? I didn't even have to look that up. Man, I bet my parents are chuffed they spent that much money on a Catholic education so I can whip shit like that out at parties.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous TJ said...

Fuck me. That'll teach me to brag when I hit 'submit' without reading what I actually wrote.

It's 'Common Era', not 'Christian'. I swear I've contracted Alzheimer's off of my particularly smelly nanna or something.


11:02 AM  

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