Tuesday, May 23

the damage done

While reading through an appraisal of world hunger by Garret Hardin, I found a phrase written neatly into the text in fine blue ink.

When the thrasher comes, I'll be stuck in the sun Like the dinosaurs in shrines But I'll know the time has come To give what's mine

I've since worked out that these words are lyrics from Neil Young's The Thrasher. I'm more interested in what the line of text from Hardin that preceeds it - '...a world that must solve real and pressing problems of over population and hunger.' - has to do with the song.

Then again perhaps I should just get on with writting the essay.

Edit: John Arthur's tome on the right and duty to bring air scored this:

Love so easily dies when there's nothing left to conquer.


Blogger The Student said...

Last quote is from a Cold Chisel song. Lame.

6:28 PM  

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