Saturday, March 12


Friday afternoon.

Sitting in a hot 3rd floor tutorial room waiting for the last of the students to take a seat before the class can start, a last minute straggler walks in.

Tall and late, he has managed to break three of The Student's fashion rules in one hit.

1: Random Blonde Tips - Those of you know me personally know of my intense dislike of blonde tips. Why anyone wants to get around with hair that looks like an homage to Cadbury's TopDeck chocolate is beyond me.

2: Denim Shorts - Come on. Short and tight, or long and baggy, denim shorts are immeasurably craptacular. Who walks into a store and says: "You know what, I feel like wearing a pair of jeans, but not a whole pair" ? Cocks, that's who.

3: Pink polo/t-shirt - *shudder* This fashion craze is the worst since that whack shit where guys were wearing tshirts over tailored shirts, remember that? Whenever I think of pink polo shirts or tshirts, I think of the swarm of Millsy look-a-likes who converge on otherwise fine pubs like The Hawthorn, or The Glenferrie, or DeBiers.

(I also think of Millsy himself, and that flaming frogfaced Metro-underage-niteclub-grin he does like he's a cute five year old dancing and singing My Little Teapot in front of his mother and her friends, who are giggling and cooing, while drinking cups of coffee and eating scotch finger biscuits for morning tea. Thinking of Millsy is not good, thinking of Millsy is an infuriating waste of my time.)

Anyway, it turns out the previously mentioned three time fashion victim, plus two others, are my group for the major assignment in the subject. Lets see what other Jeanie Little-esque outfits he can turn up in throughout the course of the semester.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dude, YOU used to have blonde tips. Remember?

4:19 PM  
Blogger The Student said...

I used to dye it all blonde and let it grow out, leaving me with a hair style that was commonly described as "dead sexy"

Getting tips means only doiung bits and peice here and there, and never any on the sides.

Hence, the look which is reminisent (sic) of Top Deck Chocolate.

That said, I'm not likely to dye my hair again.

4:29 PM  

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