Sunday, October 16

his campfire flickering, on the landscape

We're in the final sprint towards the line here, and I have a couple of assignments to hand in and three exams to sit.

How exciting. None of this allows for the fact that I have three hundred other things happening at the same time.

I'm the perpetual juggler, trying to keep everything in the air. (I reserve the right to wear emo glasses and refer to my troubles at any time, beware.) I've always had lots on my plate, and for some insane, self inflicted reason, lately my plate is full, it's over flowing, it's cascading over the edges.

University should always be my first priority, it's the most expensive thing I have ever been involved in, and I'm going to be saddled with the debt of my tardiness, slackness, and poor decision making for years. University has never been my first priority, and despite the fact that it should be, it wont be for the next few weeks either.

I'll just scramble around ticking assignments off the list in my spare time.


Blogger Erica said...

Since when is Uni ever a first priority? The beauty of HECS is that you don't really have to think about all the money your degree is costing until twice a year when you get your HECS statement in the mail telling you how much of a debt you've accumulated to that date. But all that can be pushed completely to the back of your mind in favour of other more interesting thoughts.

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