Saturday, September 17

This Is How The Song Goes Out

This is a scam.

I'm actually snowed with uni at the moment, not to mention a rising swell of work in other areas. Consequently whenever it comes to writing here I feel like I have nothing to add.

Oh, apart from the group assignment, which I have successfully managed to do 'by correspondence.' I decided I couldn't be bothered going to the first meeting, which is fraught with 'being allocated the worst of the sections' danger. I decided to put in place a pre-emptive strike.

I had a quick look at the requirements of the report we have to do, and messaged the group ring leader/victim and offered to do the following: the executive summary, political analysis, and competitor analysis - three things which should equate to about one quarter of the task. Before I hit send, I decide to play nice and offer to participate over the odds. So I offered the executive summary, political analysis, competitor analysis and the product analysis instead.

The message comes back informing me: "hey, you only have to do the executive summary, political analysis, and competitor analysis."

Me. Candy. A baby. Taking. You get the picture.


Blogger Erica said...

Work that group system baby.

5:18 PM  

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