Wednesday, October 5

Gary From The Block

(The Gary Chronicles I II III IV)

Gary, complete with leather jacket and matching slacks, settled down next to me at a lecture earlier this semester. In typical fashion, we got to talking about Gary, and his lady troubles.

Gary's long term ex had been a pretty asian girl called Nicole, and Gary talked about how he was basically over her, and although it was a shame how things ended, he was pleased to have moved on. One of the ways Gary had moved on was to go on a date with another asian girl. I'll let Gary and his crisp Indian accent take it from here...

"I'm a bit hesitant about seeing anyone again, but I had decided to do the right thing and get out and meet girls again, so I invite this girl in one of my tutes to go out on a date.

"I say to her that I will meet her at the Box Hill station.

"I get there, and well, there are lots of asian girls there. Um... I couldn't recognise which one was her. There were a few that could have been her, but I wasn't sure which was her.

"So I am like panicking, I'm way out of my depth, I still couldn't work out which one was her. So I called her, said I was feeling sick, and asked her to meet me at a particular spot.

"I decided to not see her again after that."


Blogger Erica said...

An unfortunate choice of a meeting spot...

Poor Gary, he isn't having much luck

3:09 AM  
Blogger anji said...


I find that really hilarious! I bet he felt stupid afterwards...

(canadian student!)

8:56 AM  
Anonymous TJ said...

See...I have the same problem with dickwit exes.

After a while they all blur into one.

I'm then forced to ask embarassing questions like "Are YOU the one that I went overseas with?", or "Are YOU the one that I was going to marry?"

Or "Are you ONE OF THE ONES that cheated on me?"

So confusing. They all look the same.

5:50 PM  
Anonymous TJ said...

But poor Gary. Yes.

It sounds like it would have been a very...special...relationship.

(What with such an auspicious start and all)

5:51 PM  
Blogger Enny said...

*Too busy gettin nekkid with my hott readership to comment*

10:27 PM  
Blogger The Student said...

Gary has, from time to time, singlehandedly kept this blog afloat.

On that note, i'm contemplating what do to once uni finishes for the year. Maybe a summer blog?

12:18 AM  

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