Tuesday, November 1

Public Folly

Gladly I'm not the only person suffering through a public holiday here at uni. Although, I have to say that the idea of coming here to spend your time on the main lawn sunbaking makes no sense to me. Don't people have homes? Backyards?

I guess sunbaking on the university lawn is an example of the sort of sacrifice that 'on-campus' students make. I'm sure their parents are glad their hard earned is spent on sun screen.

I digress. I'm here finishing the unfinishable essay - I'm also here in a cruel twist of fate (Nb: probably not the correct use of that particular phrase.)Ordinarily, the week of the Melbourne Cup is during the exam period, leaving me unable to attend for the duration of my adult life - except for that year I wasn't at uni, but I was probably too busy being poor then, I don't know, I forget.

This year I was considering going because it would leave me ample time to 'study' before exams. My motives for going are weak, I have no interest in horse racing, but during almost every exam period in the past, I have had an exam on either Cup Day, or Derby Day (the Thursday following). This has meant sitting through an exam that is attended by approximately two dozen girls in full evening attire, ready to hop a bus to Flemington.

This year, I would strike a blow against the evil god of university exams and go to the Cup, and still attend the exams...but it isn't to be, I'm here finishing the unfinishable essay.


Blogger Dawei said...

Hey, at least you're writing. My unfinishable essay hasn't even been touched yet, and it's due on Friday. Le sigh.

12:52 AM  
Blogger Enny said...

There is never ANY excuse to complain about a Public Holiday.

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

untouched essay due a number of days away? amateur.

11:58 PM  

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