Wednesday, March 22

Tin, Tin, Tin for The Student!

The year has started pretty well, by all accounts - tutes have been attended, lecture notes taken, vast swathes of knowledge taken in.

But attending univesity in Mebourne has a higher degree of difficulty than other cities, as in March we get hit with a pile of events that take up your free time (your study time) outside of work and uni contact hours.

Ordinarily it's just the start of the football season, and festivals such as the annual comedy festival, but this year we've had the mother of all festivals - 11 days of Australia obliterating all comers at the Commonwealth Games.

I can think of no other instance in which I would want to spend an afternoon watching badminton, however that's what I did last Thursday, and have laziliy day dreamed about doing each day since. In fact, keen observers of yesterday's match between Australia and South Africa in the women's hockey were aparently treated to images of an increasingly sunburnt me watching the girls hand out autographs following the match.

How many people can say they have watched Trinidad and Tobago take on Singapore in table tennis? How about Uganda destroying Tonga in the Rugby 7's? Northen Ireland's dynamic Topping brothers defeating a Sri Lankan pairing in the men's doubles Badminton?

Yesterday morning I sipped coffee and rubbed tiredness from my eyes after spending all night finishing an assignment, while sitting in the stands and watching the men's pairs lawn bowls, between the noble lawn bowling nations of Australia and Fiji. One of the Canadian mens pairs team on the next rink was sporting the sort of pirate like bandana that would have seen him equally at home on the bowls green and the high seas.

All of this happened while my Stats lecture went on without me.

In order to make up for the shortfall in free time during the day I'm pushing the note taking and weekly text reading deep into the night, leaving me tired the next day, creating the sort of cycle of tiredness that is going to see me sleep for half of next week... of course by then the Games will be over, so that's okay.


Anonymous TJ said...

There's. Nothing. Wrong. With. BADMINTON!

3:41 PM  
Blogger The Student said...

No there isn't. I loved it, I spent a lot of time this week trying to get a chance to go and see some more. Even when the teams aren't evenly matched, you still get long and interesting rallies.

Loved it.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous TJ said...

Start playing, then. It's great fun.

(You'll need a hamstring transplant in the first fortnight though)

9:49 AM  

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