Monday, June 26


Another exam today, and the bloke behind me stank. Ripely. 'Twas a most reipely stink.

Would anyone like to know anything about the Howard Government? Or the era of Menzies? Would you like to know anything about the way in which both of them coveted the middle class as their own?

Ask me know, because in a week I won't remember any of it.

My sleep pattern are a mess, I generally try and find time to study in and around work and, at the moment, watching soccer. I havent had 8 hours sleep in about three weeks, but I've slept through Helen Kapoulos with her steamy 5pm bulletin more times than I care to recall.

Thursday is the very last day for the semester, and on Friday night I am going out. Out in style.

Start spreading the news....


Blogger Enny said...

... I'm leaving today...

12:41 PM  

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