Thursday, August 31

New Monday Resolution

I've been a bit quiet lately. In the past this has indicated that I have basically gone into my shell and stopped doing much study, stopped attending, and consequently have nothing to talk about. This semester is a little different. I've attended every class, gone to every tute, done almost all the reading. I was doing okay with the reading until about two weeks ago when the assignments began, biting into my time and leaving me slightly behind now.

This is unusual, I'm normally yet to open a textbook at this point.

However, I do need to get back into nailing the reading, leading over the past two weeks to what I call the New Monday Resolution. Come the end of the week I'll spend a night sleeping, waking up the next day only to decide that 'next Monday I will start back at studying.'

It hasn't happened yet, so I'm saying now that Next Monday I Will Start Studying for this coming Monday.


Blogger Enny said...

And did you stick to it?

11:11 PM  

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