Thursday, July 27


For those of you aware of this horror, I had to go through it twice this week. However, on Tuesday I found that selection for the first two tutes was relatively painless.

It seems the boffins who run the tutorial sign in system opened the system at 9am, and told everyone that it'd be open at 10am. Quick and painless if you're smart enough to try it out early.

Thursday's tutorial sign in was done by my car pooling friend Bec, who kindly helped out with me sitting in an office in the city for a meeting of sorts.

The other, my Balkans politics class - which I might add may as well be Balkans history - was done the normal in class way.

This is all rather boring. This semester is easily the most organised I have been, I really have no other option though. Things simply have to happen, there is no room for messing around. This is what i am telling myself.


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