Monday, March 14

Jeckyll and Hyde . . . and their know it all mate

There's three sorts of people in tutes.

People who say nothing - 70%

People who chime in with and answer or comment here or there - 25%


People who talk immense amounts of half right/half wrong shit - 5%.

(I could drag this down into more and more subgenres, including the common "sniggering pretty wankers in polo shirts who should ordinarily have gone to Deakin" but we'll stick to tutorial participation as the parameter to avoid confusion.)

The majority of students, as I have deftly approximated above to be 70%, just keep mum during a tute. In some tutes I do this, because, well, I haven't done any of the required reading, or because getting involved will mean having to deal with either of the other two catergories of students.

Keeping quiet also means the tutor never feels they can call on you for a comment when a tute is dragging serious ass.

If I'm in a tute where I know anything about the subject matter, I'll get involved in the conversation. This serves two purposes, it kills time, and secondly, I love the sound of my own voice. When speaking with any authority, my voice is a thing of thunderous arrogant wonder. At least, I like to think so.

In today's tute I went from saying nothing, to saying something, to saying enough to evoke the wrath of the third catergory, the know it all wanker.

The Student: "So wouldn't that make the problem an inactive problem, as the consume..."

Wanker: "No it's an active problem, as the comsumer is aware of the problem."

The Student: "But, before they become aware of the advertising they are also unaware of the probl..."

Wanker: "blahblah blahde blah blah" (I'd stopped listening the moment this fucksnap interjected for the second time)

I'm pretty competitive when it comes to been cut off, so i can see this developing into an ongoing tute by tute spat, if for no other reason than so I have something to provide me with filler for this blog.

The only thing worse than the token wanker in a tute, is the tute group that has only one person who speaks while the rest of the class fidgets in their chairs and wishes it was all over.

I still have memories of the second year marketing tutor's voice slowly turning out the same "Now, does anyone know what the meaning of Positioning is?" phrase out over and over again while we all wished we'd had the smarts to either answer the question or have just not shown up.

*wakes in a cold sweat*


Blogger momo said...

"When speaking with any authority, my voice is a thing of thunderous arrogant wonder."

Haha! I love it.

Student, you should try having a burgeoning 'rock identity' who just got his band's song played on triple j in your tutes, like I did many a moon ago.

He'd turn up all scraggly and 'rock', 5 minutes before it was all over, and ask the tutor "So, what's the skinny?".

2:19 PM  

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