Tuesday, May 24


Despite my eventual goal of a major in marketing, I doubt I will ever work in the field for any long length of time.

Last Wednesday a former work colleague of mine quite unexpectedly passed away. He was deeply respected by all, not least for the fact that 3 years ago he resigned his impressive job at a bank to care for his wife of 32 years following her stroke, also single handedly raising their two teenage children at the same time.

At the funeral today, while I took stock of the conversations we'd had, and tried place when I had last spoke to him, I remembered one conversation in particular.

Devoutly Christian and, as I came to find out, very straight forward and realistic, Errol and myself talked about my plans for a career following my having given notice at the marketing consultancy we were working at.

Talking about his time at the bank, Errol said: "I never had any time for the people from the marketing department during meetings... they never had anything important to say. All they did was say anything to make themselves seem important and keep themselves in the job."

Errol was right.


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