Monday, June 13


In the past, when I had exam study to do, I would make offerings to the gods of uni in the form of denying myself social outings and the like. If there were a party to go to, or a football match, or a night out being planned by my friends, I'd say no, then stay home and not study anyway. It's taken a few years to learn that even if I do stay home, I'm not going to do any study, under any circumstances.

With an exam tomorrow, and this being a long weekend, Sunday was spent in the front row at the footy, with cold beer and a winning team, and let's not forget...




Blogger Erica said...

I am currently doing exactly as you have described. I actually washed out my paint palettes in preparation for some homework, but then got sidetracked watching GMA hosted this morning by Mark Holden of all people.
Luckily my sister needs to be driven to work soon, so that's a "legitimate" form of procrastination.

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