Thursday, June 2

Gary Status: Very Single

(The Gary Saga: 1 - 2 - 3)

After a reasonably wtf? group meeting, I snuck a copy of the age out of the SRC offices and sat down to eat some nori rolls, sold to me by a cold asian girl, and read about the federal government's latest plan to screw workers. Hand extended, Gary appears with a friend of his I was later to discover was Mauritian.

For the next ten minutes, Gary, his mate, and myself shot the breeze about how mindlessly impossible the assignment we were all working on (in our own groups) was. Gary also gave me the unabridged, directors cut of the Taiwan debacle, including the awkward phrase, 'Every time we were out in public and held hands, her dad would come and stand between us.'

Matt appeared, just as Gary spotted a girl clearing up some cafe tables about twenty meters from us, the same cold asian girl who served me nori rolls a half hour before.

(it's important you remember Gary has an rhythmic Indian accent)

Gary: 'See that bitch?' *points at the cold asian girl* 'She is in on of my classes.'

Us: 'Yeah.'

Gary: 'And one day I say to her, 'How about we go and get a coffee sometime?' and she is fine with it, I ask for her number or email. She gives me the email, and it's fucking wrong man, it's fucking wrong.'

Us: *laughter, sly looks of assessment towards the girl, who is by this stage almost done wiping down a coffee smudged table*

Gary: 'I mean. If you aren't interested, just say so, just say no, but don't give me a fucking fake email address. What a bitch man.'


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