Thursday, June 23


As if you needed any clues after reading the post below, but I am officially battling the tendency to 'check out' of this semester. Studying is hard work because, well, I want to burn this first semester bridge and focus on the important things which I have tricked myself into believing I have been missing out on this semester, namely: sleep ins, not having to go to uni, freedom from homework.

The reality is that I have slept in most of the semester, rarely gone to uni, and haven't exactly stretched myself in the homework department.

So why is it that at the end of every semester of reckless laziness I breathe a sigh of relief and tell myself that finally I am able to relax and Take It Easy?*


Anonymous Amz said...

It's called 'guilt'.

Since this is my first semester, I can use the excuses like 'I'm still settling in' and 'I haven't done university exams before' to make myself feel better about putting crap all into uni work.

Eh. Think of it as smoothing the transition from uni to holidays.

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