Monday, June 20


How about a behind the scenes, blow by blow analysis of an all nighter? How about Treading Water 101 takes uni based blogging to new heights? How about I take procrastination to new lows by bloging about procrastination while procrastinating?

To study for this Marketing Communications exam, there are 12 sections of between 8 and 10 pages each, which I need to read in order to have any idea in the exam - which is at 9am Monday morning.

Sunday Nite:

9.00pm: TV is turned off, and a sugar free V is consumed (The Student likes to watch his weight while staying up all night reading about sales promotion) there by signalling the begining of study.

9.38pm: Part one finished.

10.00pm: Realise: 'Hey maybe i'm not so fucked afterall!"

10.17pm: Second V is consumed.

10.30pm: Receive comment from usch (hi usch!)

10.33pm: Part two finished.

10.42pm: Scrap doing certain section in favour of less bullshit one.


10.51pm: Part three finished.

10.52pm: Repeatedly say 'hi' to snobby fucker on msn who won't say 'hi' back.

10.53pm: Change msn username to 'It's Snobby Fucker Night'

10.54pm: Contemplate the wisdom of being on msn while trying to study.

11.24pm Download Cruise Control by the Headless Chickens after reading this post about the dolphin duo.

11.28pm: Part four finished.

11.30pm: Switches on TV to watch Roos V. Freo replay.

11.39pm: Wonder what 'THOMOOO is doing right now?'

11.45pm Start slacking off after having realised I'm going to have all the reading done by 2am at this rate.

11.46pm Realise what a fucked logic it is to stay up all night, when I only have to stay up half of it.

11.51pm Continue slacking off.

12.36am Part five finished.

1.27am Listen to Breakdown by Seven Mary Three after talking to Erica.

1.47am Part six finished.

2.26am Part seven finished.

2.30am Wrote this post.

2.45am Consume third V (According to the can, I have now officially exceeded the MAX DAILY INTAKE)

2.50am Consult with Ruth about how I'm HYSTERICALLY funny tonite.

2.57am Download Tiny Dancer by Elton John.

3.11am Delirium kicks in.

3.22am My knees start to hurt.

3.16am Part eight finished.

3.28am Part nine finished.

3.29am Part ten is skipped as it sounds like total shite.

3.40am CRAVATS!

4.00am Switched on US Open Golf, in the hope I'll see some nameless Australian win.

4.03am Part eleven finished.

5.23am Part twelve is finished.

5.25am Still delirius.

5.30am Contemplate doing part ten, decide not to after once again confirming that it's arse.

5.40am Ate a breakfast of porridge and skim milk.

5.45am Watched more golf, trying to fight off the need to sleep.

6.45am Fell asleep.

7.30am Woke up.

7.45am Left for Uni.

8.45am Arrived at Uni.

9.00am Exam begins, with my wrists stinging and my head jammed in neutral.


Anonymous shauna said...

'dolphin duo', that is genius!

but jesus christ... how bloody gruelling.

(what is a sugar free V anyway? have been away too long!)

12:52 AM  
Blogger The Student said...

It's very rare that I get to sprout a pile of self serving shout out links, but I got to do it today. I've given you MAD PROPS for the dolphin remark, very memorable - I still think I would go Katie Holmes in a big Student way.

I've resolved never to do this again.

Remember V? Like a Red Bull? Only made by a group of conquering New Zealanders?

Seriously, is anyone buying this Tom Cruise Katie Holmes thing? She looks constantly embarrased and furiously undersexed.

1:09 AM  
Blogger Erica said...

You know what amazes me? That you were able to fall asleep at 6:45, and successfully wake up at 7:30, only 1 1/4 hours later, and not oversleep and miss your exam. I am impressed!

11:16 PM  
Blogger The Student said...

i've omitted the fact that mum woke me up

11:20 PM  
Blogger Erica said...

Ahh, mothers. The never failing alarm clock.

12:18 AM  

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