Monday, June 20

Test it!

Three tips I recall a politics teacher, and former VCE exam marker telling me on the eve of final high school exams, these go slightly beyond 'dont use shit handwriting'.

1. Use black pen. Upwards of 80% of students write their exam in blue pen, which after reading several hundred exams, is hard to read on a white page. Black is easier to read and will make a happier marker.

2. Write on every second line. This leaves more room for alterations, is easier to read, and looks less cumbersome to your overworked (and reportedly underpaid) exam marker.

3. Know when and how to use ' : ' and ' ; ' - and when not to use ' , '. These three babies can make or break a well thought out and constructed set of ideas and points relating to a short or long answer essay.

Of course, if you're a business student, you should focus on exhibiting the following key attributes:

Boring, Dull, and, Lifeless.


Blogger Erica said...

It's also not a good idea to include some little "if you are reading this tick this box" sentences scattered throughout your essay, which is to be handed in to a teacher you think is rather dubious and probably just grades everyone to how they think they will go on the essay, instead of actually reading it. It is a smartass's clever plot doomed to backfire...

Also don't write using exceedignly long sentences, as I have just done.

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