Tuesday, June 14


The Group Assignment has now become the Never Ending Assignment - as it still hasn't been submitted.

In the end, Swaziland became the provider of more than hugs, and chipped in with the extra work needed to ensure less work for me. 4th however became a silent partner, apparently, as it turns out, too STRICKEN with a SUDDEN BOUT of EXTRA STRICKENING Glandular FEVER - SO STRICKENING, that he can't pick up a phone or reach a keyboard, for fear he will be STRICKEN MORE SO THAN HE IS CURRENTLY STRICKEN.

This protracted cold war style festival of distant tardiness started the day the assignment was initially due, with a scratchy phone call in which he told me that the work he was meant to have done wasn't done, and that late the night before, or early that morning, his 'friend' has FALLEN ON HER NECK while DRUNK - and she was at the ACUTE WARD.


When you're presented with what appears to be quite a serious scenario, imploring that they give you their share of the assignment is kind of arse, I mean, she could be a quadriplegic right? She could be seriously injured? She could be...in a coma? What does a pissy assignment count when a girl is suffering from a serious neck injury right? This guy is MID-BEDSIDE-VIGIL right?

No, she 'sprained her neck' but in the meantime, over a week passes before 4th manages to email any of us to say where he is. Luckily we had secured a Swaziland related extension, that became a 'we don't know where the fuck 4th is' extension.

From the outset, I've suspected that 4th simply hadn't done any work. The tell tale signs were there, the emails asking to see our sections before he did his, not showing up to meetings - right from the passing of the deadline till now, I've been certain he hadn't actually done anything, with a litany of bullshit excuses in it's place.

Bullshit excuses are my major. Don't bullshit fellow students, we know bullshit excuses, infact, odds are your bullshit excuse is one we've used before; and if it isn't, we're likely to steal it and use it ourselves.

Early last week, 4th reappears with the news that he has had a GLANDULAR RELAPSE - and the more stunning news that he has completed the work, and has emailed his sections to the tutor... but not to us, because, ya know, we only have an incomplete 24 page assignment sitting here waiting for his sections - and his three sections are basically worthless unless they are handed in WITH THE REST OF THE ASSIGNMENT.

(My ability to articulate my frustrations via the use of upper case text KNOWS NO BOUNDS!)

After two emails asking him to send me the assignment, he sent it to me with the instructions that I didn't really need the sections from him - as he had sent them straight to the tutor... fucksnap.

Yesterday he sent me the sections, and today (after considerable editing and cussing) I finished the assignment - tomorrow I hand it in.

Group work sucks.


Blogger usch said...

Yeah that really sucks.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Chris Fryer said...

Sounds like a bloody nightmare.

Things I learnt from this post:
1. Group work sucks royal dick.
2. Reading out your extremely long sentences out loud could be fatal. (I'm actually undead as I write this (have I been playing too much World of Warcraft?))

4:37 PM  

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