Monday, June 27

Fear Not

HOW ON EARTH will you get by now that The Student has finished the semester?

How will your idle hours of reading blogs at work to pass time be complete without a twice weekly Treading Water 101 fix? Where will you go when you simply absolutly possitivly have to read the ranting of the painfully self absorbed?

I have good news - or, indifferent news.

One of the things I have grown to enjoy most about the mid-year break is the fact that it brings the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) with it. And this year that means that I'm going uber minimalist and diarising my viewing and happenings at the festival.

Treading Water 101 will be quiet for a few weeks while uni is in recess, in the meantime, brace yourself for Treading Cinema!*

(* I'm reliably told the marketing term for this is a line extension.)


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