Wednesday, March 29

O Week

I've never really gotten into the O Week thing, in fact, I couldn't tell you, apart from a tour of the campus for first year students, a single thing that happens in O Week at my university.

I remember the first day I went to uni, the four of us from my high school who were accepted into my uni all packed into the one car and went along to check out exactly what uni was about. I don't recall much except my excitement at the handing out of free beer in the quadrangle, and my cringing at the tour guide, and introductory host both making a similar joke along the lines of 'yeah, beer, wow, cool, yeah man, beer - we drink it a lot, you'll get used to that.'

Beer, we get it.

There's nothing remarkable about this apart from the fact that I never spoke to any of the people in that car at uni again, athough I specifically remember avoiding walking past one of them once, possibly twice. During first week I drive to uni on my own now, and sit in traffic behind cars of three or four first year students, brimming with excitement. During forth week the traffic is considerably less.

Am I missing out on something here? To me it has always seemed like in order to be part of it, I would have to attend university for the better part of another week prior to the begining of the semester proper. No dice.


Blogger jenu said...

I think its different uni's. O-week at albury csu is huge!! I know I would go out probably 4 of the 5 nights and drink every night. All the nights have themes and its a great way to meet people! But I know that at Melbourne Uni (don't know if thats where you are) they don't do all that much.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Erica said...

It definately depends where you are. Monash Uni do heaps of stuff for orientation - including camps for first years, and huge party nights all the time. RMIT, where I am now, are too poor for all that stuff.

I actually volunteered to be an Orientation Volunteer this year. We took students on campus tours (and I think I may have made some kind of bad joke about beer and uni must come with the tour guide territory, trying to find something interesting to say to a group of very disinterested students), cooked some BBQ's, and had a party night where they somehow found the money to have Paul Mac play. Amazing!

But I found volunteering rather unsatisfactory. I was hoping to at least make some new friends, but I guess I'm just compltely socially inept.

11:59 PM  
Blogger usch said...

Over at UNSW we have a huge o-week. But it's still not worth going to, because it's covered in first years. And the only thing that sucks more than a first year, is 5,000 of them.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Bruce said...

At UniSA, O-week is a non-event. As lively as a 2 day old dead fish.

In an act of marketing genius, UniSA decided to rename O-week "First Connection". The rationale presented at a meeting of a committee I had to sit at said that "First Connection" didn't have the rowdy connotations of "O-week", to which I replied; "Yeah, sure. Just out of high-school? Still a virgin? Come along to First-Connection!"

*At this point I made a circle with my thumb and forefinger and penetrated it with a finger from my other hand*

11:16 PM  

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