Tuesday, August 16


I’m making a very poor start to the semester look very good.

In other facets of my life, I’m articulate and knowledgeable. I display a knack for retaining random snippets of information and using them to good effect when the moment calls.

But at uni I seem to glaze over the moment text is placed in front of me, and I’m particularly having trouble retaining information at the moment. The beginning of the semester is this Shock And Awe style barrage of information, as four subject supervisors dedicate ten minutes of the first lecture to telling the assembled education victims that:

“There is a learning curve in this subject, things may not make sense immediately, but by about week 8, everything falls into place.”

Eight weeks is a long time to spend scratching your head wondering what a subject is about; eight weeks is a very long time to spend scratching your head wondering what FOUR subjects are about.

In reality, I have no option but to just deal with it™, because as I tell people who ask me how I’m going at uni…

“Okay. I'd like to leave, but I’m that far in that I can’t stop now.”


Blogger mscynic said...

Thank God. I thought it was just me. I planned an entire detox/change-of-lifestyle/exercise regime to ward off the effects of the stroke I must have had in my sleep that was making me unable to retain a single piece of information.

Phew. Now I can happily return to a life of debauchery safe in the knowledge that it's not me - it's Uni that's completely fucked!

1:44 PM  
Blogger The Student said...

I wondering if I'm suffering the advanced effects of aging sometimes.

Nothing sticks in my head.

4:17 PM  
Blogger usch said...

I think this is just 'saturation point' at uni, where the information you have absorbed has come up to the same level as the capacity you have to care. That is to say that you can't learn anything else because you can't bring yourself to care about it.
I find this happens about three weeks into the 4th full time year of study, or similar.

10:44 PM  
Blogger mscynic said...

Where is my fabled email?

Don't tell me you have put studying before me?

This relationship is getting off to a shaky start.

At least it's getting off, I suppose.

1:33 PM  

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