Friday, October 13

Dirty Pool

On Wednesday I did something that I had vowed never to do since I started to study marketing: wore a suit for a group presentation.

And I basically only agreed to on two accounts. Firstly, that another group member nagged until we agreed; and secondly, that it was the last group work presentation ever, and hence time to celebrate.

There were two groups presenting during the tutorial, and we went first. Fairly standard presentation, little substance, a degree of style, and me in a belt.

The second group struggled a touch, but also made a crucial mistake. When delivering their planned objective for the particular product we all presented on - let's say it's a gin - they gave projected sales growth figures that were rubbish. It stood out like the proverbial dog's testes, and was something we were specifically asked not to do.

Anyway, otherwise they were fine. Bonus marks for not being henpecked into wearing a suit too. However, one of our group members then did something that I have always considered bad pool - our group member got stuck into them about the sales figures.

This is the tutors job, never a fellow students. Group presentations are annoying enough without being picked off for mistakes. As it happened the tutor did notice it, and brought it up later.

Two or possibly three semesters ago a girl, a very annoying girl, gave a presentation about the Body Shop in which she focussed heavily on the high ethical quality of the brand, and the fact that it is a major point of difference for the retailer. She then went on to talk about a proposed product launch that was to be held at the Crown Casino Palladium Ballroom.

Ahh, yeah. No one picked her up on it, despite how much we'd all liked to have gotten one back on her for annoying us for the previous 13 weeks.

You just have to let these things slide I think, and spare a thought for your fellow suffering presenter who just wants it to be over.