Sunday, December 3

Mean To Me

I’d much rather not have to post at all, but I haven’t posted for ages, so I may as well talk about what has been going on. The semester and the exam period are over. Between what I do (or did) for a living and exams, there wasn’t actually time for posting.

And there hasn’t been much to say, when I’m stuck working on assignments and exam study, there’s not much colour to the subject matter. There really isn’t room for much colour to the subject matter, there isn’t much latitude for discussing the fun and games of spending hours rereading texts and generally shitting yourself about the content of the exam.

For instance, in my studies of Balkans politics, I was banking on a question on the Little Entente (head to wikipedia for more information on that). In this exam, unlike about the last 9 in Balkans politics, there was no question on the Little Entente. Annoying.

Luckily I was handballed a question that was essentially identical to the question I answered in the seminar paper. Not annoying.

Now that I have studied for a lot of exams, I find that my concern is generally more about what will be on the exam, moreso than if I will pass or fail.

From here, I still have a couple of subjects to knock off. I’ll still be at uni next semester, even if it’s only part time. This is disappointing.

I’m also going to knock off a subject at summer school, joy.

It’d be fair to say this could be it as far as this blog goes. I have nothing new to say about university. Lets wait and see.