Friday, January 5

The Morning Train

I'm comfortable in the knowledge that no one is reading this anymore, and my lax posting and poor punctuation are probably to blame.

But, for those Treading Water faithful (I'm dubbing you Treadders) out there who have come here on a whim, or perhaps accidently, or as a means to getting to another blog, I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that during January I'll be undertaking a course of Microeconomics.

Learning all about the economic decisions that every person makes every day. What we give up to take another action, and so on. Demand and supply curves. Opportunity cost. Microeconomics! For your reading pleasure!

Well I'm not doing it just for blog fodder, but doing one subject on it's own during January should alleviate the strain during this coming semester. The final semester. Ever.

Just to bring the faithful up to speed, I smashed university last semester, scoring consistatntly good marks in all the subjects despite a great deal of other time restraints during the second half of last year. I have a supplementary exam coming up for Stats, and a left over from Semester 1 2006. You can imagine how hard this has been to study for.

I'm wondering if it's even worth it. Perhaps it's best to cut my losses and instead focus on just nailing Microeconomics. We'll see what I wind up doing. The benefit of it is the small chance that I'll pass and therefore not have to do Stats again during this coming semester. On the other hand, if I just go to Microeconomics I'll be helping myself pass Microeconomics.

This says nothing for the gorgeous chatty Swiss girl who sits next to me in class. Demand curve indeed!

Decisions, decisions.