Thursday, July 27


For those of you aware of this horror, I had to go through it twice this week. However, on Tuesday I found that selection for the first two tutes was relatively painless.

It seems the boffins who run the tutorial sign in system opened the system at 9am, and told everyone that it'd be open at 10am. Quick and painless if you're smart enough to try it out early.

Thursday's tutorial sign in was done by my car pooling friend Bec, who kindly helped out with me sitting in an office in the city for a meeting of sorts.

The other, my Balkans politics class - which I might add may as well be Balkans history - was done the normal in class way.

This is all rather boring. This semester is easily the most organised I have been, I really have no other option though. Things simply have to happen, there is no room for messing around. This is what i am telling myself.

Sunday, July 16

(don't dream it's over)

There isn't much to say that hasn't already been said. This will make for a boring post, but this is the first post of a semester that promises to be the most hectic so far.

There will be no mid-semester trip to Cairns, there will be no room for weekends away. Easter will not happen, and I will not stumble about throwing wet shoes at tents.

I won't be spending much time, if any, at the (Melbourne International) Film Festival (spelt out for the unaware).

This is essentially make or break, I have to bust some ass to get through a lot this semester in the face of some fairly large scale things going on in the background. Things that typical attempts at blog anonymity preclude me from sharing with you.

In terms of graduating, the reality that I can share with you, loyal blog reader, is that I'll more than likely have a couple of subjects left over past the end of this semester, before I can graduate. I'm comfortable with this, I doubt everyone else that takes an interest in my studies such as my parents, the tax department, the university is, but I've learned to deal with it.

This coming semester is fairly marketing intensive, keeping in mind the fact that I've been able to get by before now on a diet of core business subjects and politics subjects with marketing as a side serve more or less. I'll have one politics subject which looks like being Balkans related - this will be great for those marketing jobs I go for in Belgrade next year.

The semester proper is a week away, meh.

Wednesday, July 5


It's finished, I walked out of the last Electronic Marketing exam pleased that it was all over. The exam had being identical, letter for letter, to last year's exam. This was excellent news, as I'd spent the morning reading last year's exam and reassuring myself that things would be 'alright'.

I've become trained at dealing with exams, learning how to cope with the demands of passing a subject and balancing everything out. I'm not in any good at it, but I am passable, of that I am sure.

With that over I then had to make up the time I had missed at work, and have spent this week doing just that. This isn't so bad, as my nights aren't spent studying and meticulously avoiding study; in study's place, I have embarked upon The Student's See Everyone You Havent Seen For Months Tour. This has been good so far, and reminds me of how those who aren't stuck in work and study live their lives. You know, the life of leisure.

(Hmmm. Woe is me.)

The above mentioned tour could also be known as the Pasta and Beer tour - though it has managed to so far, and will continue to, involve some excellent company. I have three weeks off between now and the start of the next semester, which to most is plenty of time - and really is.

I'm dying to get away - I say this every time, but instead of needing to be somewhere, I just need to not be here. At this desk, at the desk at work, at any desk, staring at any computer.

I really have nothing funny or intelligent to say, see you all in a few weeks.