Tuesday, August 30

Ghost Dad....I mean....Town, Ghost Town.

There is no one here today.

The student body is the definition of a fair weather friend. When things are nice and sunny, the campus is a swarming mess of people. When it's raining and cold, there is no one here.

In my experience, Tuesdays are the busiest day (this is based on it always been harder to find a car park on a Tuesday) yet today the place is just empty. But it is about week five, and week five marks the begining of the end for most second semester subjects.

Attendance drops, interest levels wane, medical certificates flourish. The swarming mess of sunny days passed dilutes into a hardcore group of nonattendees, and those down and out souls who are lured to the darkside, to the library.

The only warm place on campus is the library. The moment the automatic doors open and the temperate 24 degree climate controlled environment seeps out, washing over your cold and weary limbs, an urge overcomes you, demanding you get your heat fix within it's book filled walls.

The library is warm for no reason other than to encourage you to come inside. It's all a ruse, they just want you to learn.


Blogger mscynic said...

Dude! I can't believe you fell for that old trick.

The library is a vortex of evil that should be avoided at all costs.

Do they not have heating in the Uni bar?

2:11 PM  
Blogger The Student said...

Going to the bar would mean willingly spending time here on campus...and, nah.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:45 PM  

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